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Buy a IHOP eGift Card for your friend, family member or co-worker. IHOP is a Pancake House/Diner Style Restaurant Franchise. Buy an eGift Card because are redeemable at any IHOP in the world!

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Buy a brand new IHOP eGift Card now! IHOP, short for International House of Pancakes is a world wide famous breakfast diner style restaurant. This makes for an excellent gift to give to a co-worker or anyone who loves breakfast food.


IHOP’s parent company is Dine Brands Global which also owns Applebee’s Grill and Bar.

On the menu at IHOP you will find pancakes, waffles, eggs, bacon, French toast, crepes, omelet’s and more breakfast food! If you want a great breakfast IHOP is the restaurant to eat at.

IHOP also offers lunch and dinner menu items from sandwiches, salads to burgers.

In recent years, IHOP put out a marketing campaign saying they were changing names to IHOB.

They replaced pancakes with burgers in their brand name. Although it was eventually revealed that it was all just a marketing campaign to promote their new menu items.


So, IHOP to this day is still IHOP but now also specializes in lunch and dinner. This campaign most likely took place because IHOP is widely known to only specialize in breakfast.

IHOP eGift Cards


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