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Buying Olive Garden eGift Cards is a Great Gift for Any Occasion. Affordable delicious Italian food in a warm, welcoming and family-friendly environment.

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Family time is what the Olive Garden brand is all about. The beloved casual Italian restaurant chain opened its first store in Orlando in 1982 and was such a huge success, it had 145 bustling locations opened by 1989.

Today, Olive Garden is thriving with over 892 locations in the US and abroad. That’s why Olive Garden eGift Cards make for the perfect gift to give anyone that loves to go out for Italian.


The endless soup, salad, and bread sticks have made Olive Garden one of the most craveable places to go eat, where you can get your money’s worth of palate-pleasing food.

There’s something on the menu for everyone to enjoy too. Along with the famed soup, salad, and bread sticks, many people come to Olive Garden for the Lasagna Fritta, a delightful appetizer of fried rolls of lasagna that melt with cheesy perfection.


For entrées, the Tour of Italy is another favorite which gives a generous portion of Chicken Parmigiana, Lasagna Classico, and Fettuccine Alfredo all on one plate, ideal for when you want to taste everything.

The menu also offers the option to play chef by creating your own pasta bowls. You choose the pasta, sauce, and topping and create the pasta dish you want. Kids love Olive Garden too, with many pastas and pizzas to choose from.


Don’t forget dessert either. Everyone loves the Zeppolis, plus there are many scrumptious cakes, if you even have room for them after all that food.

When giving restaurant eGift Cards, Olive Garden eGift Cards are a great gift choice for just about anyone. Whether it’s for birthdays, holidays, congratulatory occasions, or any occasion, Olive Garden eGift Cards will always be well-received.


If you buy restaurant eGift Cards, you’ll save yourself a lot of hassle when getting gifts for everyone you know and love.


Grandparents love it because they get a great meal and don’t have to pretend to like yet another picture frame you’ve sent. Families love it because they can go out to eat in a place that’s kid-friendly and still get a fantastic meal.


College kids love it because they’re on a budget and they can eat lots of delicious food and have plenty of leftovers for the next day. Coworkers love it because they can use it the next time they lunch or actually be happy that their Secret Santa got them something worthwhile.

Olive Garden eGift Cards


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