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Buy a Panera Bread eGift Cards as a gift for anyone who needs to eat. This pretty much sums up every person on this earth.

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Restaurant Type: Fast Casual Sandwiches, Soups, Salads & more.

Locations: Redeemable at the 2095 Locations Within the United States

This pretty much sums up every person on this earth. Panera Bread offers delicious fast-casual sandwiches, soups, salads, bagels, spreads, bowls, chips, fruit, pastries, sweets, desserts, pasta, mac & cheese, meals for the kids freshly baked bread and more!

All our Panera Bread’s food tastes scrumptious leaving customers happy and full after their meal. Panera Bread is known for serving up high-quality food at a fast production rate making the restaurant a maverick when it first opened for business.

Panera Bread eGift Cards is a great gift because people will love to have a good lunch vs their old boring brown bag lunch. Anyone who works a job from blue-collar, white-collar to retail workers would love to receive Panera Bread eGift Cards as a gift for any occasion.

Most people treasure their lunch breaks because it’s generally 30 minutes and if you are lucky a whole hour. In a world where most people spend most of their waking hours at work, it is not hard to believe that many people see their lunch break as the highlight of their workday.

Panera Bread does not take shortcuts on quality when it comes to their wide variety of beverages to choose from. Outside of the expected soft drinks like Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, caffeine-free diet Pepsi, sierra mist, tropical fruit punch, mist twist, mountain dew, brisk, dr. pepper and yes also water.

Now those are the drinks that most restaurants of any kind offer but what makes Panera Bread different is their unique beverage menu. Wash down your food with their famous craft beverages like blood orange lemonade, passion papaya green tea, prickly pear hibiscus Fresca, agave lemonade, plum ginger hibiscus tea, unsweetened iced black tea, Lipton brisk raspberry tea, and iced black tea.

If you are feeling tired and you need a drink to give you the energy you are in luck. Once again Panera Bread decided to not take any shortcuts. Panera Bread also offers high-quality coffees, lattes, and espressos. Some example of Panera Bread’s caffeinated drink menu you will find signature hot chocolate, chai tea latte, skinny café mocha, café latte, café mocha, cappuccino, caramel latte, espresso, hot teas, freshly brewed coffee, iced café mocha, iced caramel latte, iced café latte, iced chai tea latte, frozen mocha, frozen caramel, passion papaya green tea, and iced coffee.

If you thought that Panera Bread could not accommodate your taste buds drink of choice they have more! These other drinks include the spindrift orange mango seltzer, spindrift raspberry lime seltzer, spindrift lemon seltzer, purity organic strawberry paradise juice, San Pellegrino sparkling water, San Pellegrino orange, bottled water, premium orange juice, organic apple juice, organic chocolate milk, and organic white milk.

During the warm to hot seasons or if you are looking to fill up a healthy drink Panera Bread offers tasty and nutritious smoothies. Panera Bread offers smoothies like the superfruit smoothie with Greek yogurt, green passion smoothie, peach and a blueberry smoothie with almond milk, strawberry smoothie, mango smoothie, and a strawberry banana smoothie.

Panera Bread is one of the first fast-casual restaurants to become internationally successful. Breaking the status quo by rebelling against the traditional elements of what people use to believe what a franchise sandwich shop was.


Before Panera Bread came on the scene the only other sandwich franchises were Subway, Blimpies, and Quiznos. At first, when Quiznos came out they began pioneers for toasting their sandwiches. This new gimmick rattled the cages of the Subway franchise and saw Quiznos as a big competitor. Soon Subway began selling toasted sub sandwiches and Quiznos slowly faded away. Little did Subway know that they would have a behemoth competitor come alive. When Panera Bread started to become popular Subway began shaking in their boots.


Subway’s executive’s responded by redesigning the interior of the Subway restaurant to feel more casual and comfortable. Although Panera Bread is a competitor to Subway because they both sell sandwiches. Subway still exists because Panera has become more than a sandwich shop and created their very own lane in the restaurant industry. Subway remains a relatively cheaper version of Panera. Also, Subway offers 12-inch long sub sandwiches while Panera leans towards the panini and traditional sandwich route. Depending on what people’s taste buds are craving they may prefer a sub over a panini.

Panera Bread eGift Cards


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