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Red Lobster is considered by many to be the #1 favorite food of choice. At Red Lobster’s restaurant’s you are limited to just lobster. Hungry patrons also can choose from their menus that detailed a variety of seafood, steaks, salads and more.

When you give the Red Lobster eGift Card to your appreciated recipient they will be enthralled with joy. They will soon imagine how they would enjoy their evening at the famous seafood restaurant. From walking in the doors to a cozy and ocean like atmosphere. To the live lobsters showcased adjacent to the hostess in a water tank. This is how you knew you were going to eat a truly fresh delicious lobster soaked in melted butter.

Red Lobster is not just for lovers of seafood as they offer a diverse menu to even accommodate the kids. Serving delicious restaurant food from lunch to dinner everyone who chooses to dine at a Red Lobster Restaurant. Every customer is guaranteed to leave the restaurant after their meal with a full stomach and a big happy smile.

One of the main staples the gives Red Lobster its significance among other successful restaurant franchises was what they gave away for free.

Their divine, buttery, decadent and irresistible cheddar bay biscuits. Put a bowl of the world famous Red Lobster biscuits on a table accompanied by a hungry family. The life span of those baked good would be numbered by the seconds. Red Lobster’s remarkable cheddar bay biscuits grew in such demand that the mix would sell in retail and grocery stores. Although the retail cheddar bay biscuit mix offered addicted patrons an available fix that could be had at home and anytime. The store sold version simply does not come close to the spectacular taste of the biscuits only served at the Red Lobster restaurants.

If your mouth isn’t watering yet it surely will be if you decide to continue to read this article. Let us now talk about the details of the menu. First let’s begin with stating Red Lobster is primarily a seafood restaurant although offers cuisine outside of the ocean realm. With this being said for the most part Red Lobster truly offers an amazing seafood menu.

First on the list of entrees let us not talk about the obvious but start with shrimp.


Offering shrimp entrees and shrimp classic combination plates from wood-grilled shrimp, the admiral’s feast, shrimp linguini alfredo, parrot isle jumbo coconut shrimp, seaside shrimp trio, shrimp your way, Walt’s favorite shrimp, Create Your Own Combination, dragon shrimp, southwest-style shrimp tacos, shrimp and salmon New Orleans, Yucatan tilapia to simply just shrimp.

Lets now dive into the menu that talks about crab and seafood bakes. From snow crab legs, crab linguini alfredo, bar harbor lobster bake.

With seafood still on the menu you can order a variety of fish like Canadian Walleye, fried sole and wild caught flounder.

Now to accommodate those who may no enjoy seafood or who may enjoy both let’s go into detail on their land and sea portion of the menu. From steaks, filet mignon 6 oz, rock lobster and steak, 7 oz, sirloin, maple glazed chicken, Cajun chicken linguini alfredo, 12 oz NY strip to a wood-grilled shrimp and sirloin.

This article wouldn’t be complete or even make sense if you didn’t dip into this part of the menu, the lobster! Offering Lobster entrees to lobster and signature combination means like lobster mac and cheese, seafarer’s feast, ultimate feast, wood-grilled lobster, shrimp and salmon, live Maine lobster to rock lobster tail.

The Red Lobster Restaurant Company was founded in 1968 in the USA state of Florida in the city of Lakeland. The two men behind the massive seafood restaurant franchise success was Charley Woodsby and Bill Darden.  In present day the restaurants root haven’t gone far as their companies headquarters in located in Orlando, Florida. ​Red Lobster offers seafood lovers and restaurant goers a refuge to a delicious location. This is why you buy a Red Lobster eGift Card for any occasion!

Red Lobster eGift Cards


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